Tuesday, 12 June 2012

musing on international orange under blue skies

there was a time
when i was small
...blue and orange
were my favourite colours

they still make my heart sing

if your heart needs singing practice
you could try taking it to Melbourne
where it could exult in the Fred Williams retrospective
'infinite horizons'
the paintings are so vibrant
they seem backlit

Debbie Herd writes about her experience here
Fiona Morgan shows more images here
if you can't visit the exhibition in person
consider investing in the catalogue
worth every cent.


  1. My lament..when I lived in the Blue Mountains I did not know of your existence. Now, so far away in Los Angeles at least I can follow your wonderful blog. When I do return I will definitely take your classes. I have found a kindred spirit in you.

  2. earlier this year i taught in southern utah and was reminded of what a glorious combination those two colors make. they were all around us.

  3. orange..........still my color...........

  4. orange is apparently the colour that divides opinion more than any other - it rarely figures on 'favourite' lists, and can elicit extreme responses (more often negative)..... I think that makes it absolutely the very best colour to play with (hee hee hee)

  5. the color: stunning, the bold and then the tones you play with. that first photo makes me want to get up and shout out!

  6. Yes.. orange! Just posted about orange and green in my post... the unlikely colors of the eastern woodlands. At first I thought the first photo was a rock cliff and sky, now I wonder if it is cloth??

  7. incredible visual feast--yummy orange! thanks!

  8. AHh India you had to pick THAT Fred Williams painting. Currently exulting in the blues and reds of that Pilbara. My heart is singing and my hands are dirty.

  9. Add a bit of grey green saltbush and you have the Simpson Desert .... i love deserts and wide wide skys ... thanks for the reminder

  10. Ah sweet colour, orange, blue and all the others, my heart sings at fever pitch in the face of glorious colour, beautiful post :)

  11. Lovely to see the Fred Williams link here. (I enjoyed the video). Only last week an Australian friend sent me another link to introduce me to his work. Glorious earthy colours! Blues and oranges combined make my heart sing.