Wednesday, 16 May 2012

remembering to breathe


the class in the Forest of Dean had filled nicely and i foolishly thought all was well
and then my friend and organiser
Sally Stafford kindly inspected the Festival website with a view to attending the performance of
[which was my reason for coming to the UK in the first place]
and found
the dates had changed from those i had been told

so there's been an enormous muck up
and a number of people have been inconvenienced
and i am very sorry

but there may be someone out there who would have preferred to attend on August 27,28,29

i hope so.
trying to remember to breathe.


  1. slowly in....slowly out....

  2. i do not envy you this part of the job where you must juggle and apologize...but you do it with grace.

  3. I'm happy with the new dates in the Forest - the dancing, set off perfectly by the costumes, is beautiful. am sending this link round my networks in case anyone has space for a special treat. breathing slowly,...,...

  4. Breathing is good, but it's best done in compatibility with feeling. It doesn't matter if it's slow or fast, deep or shallow, as long as it's not hectic.

  5. May your every breath be filled with the effortless grace of dancers breathing through every movement.

  6. never stop breathing, no matter what.........