Tuesday, 15 May 2012

in quiet retreat

it is time for quiet retreat in the cool of the Deep South
a time for wordlessness and mindfulness in the season of mist and fog
preparing for summer days in various parts of the North

and of course for the Natural Dye Symposium taking place in Melbourne [AUS] in a little over a month's time [where i think a couple of places remain available in the classes i have been assigned]

the class planned for Santa Barbara [USA]
has filled, as have those in Cleveland [USA] in the Fall

the class in London seems to be getting some interest [despite a certain large sporting event vying for attention] and there's a possibility of two days in France early in September...pencilled but not permanently inked at this stage

so i have some things to think about
materials to gather
marks to make on paper
and marmalade stains to apply to maps


  1. WHAt delights awaited me when I went across to browse from your link to the Melbourne Natural Dye Symposium!
    Started thinking hang on... what am I doing... looks wonderful. Reminded me of a friend who might like to know too!
    Such a lovely time in shared company with you, Dorothy and all recently India.
    Wishing you more of that gentle bliss on your workshop travels this year!

  2. marmalade stains on maps (hee he hee) I wish I could make a few that would bring me to melbourne (would sooooo love to meet velma amongst other things) BUT I have marmalade marks to make in the opposite direction (me think..... doing the waiting game for numbers....) ahhhhhhhhhhhh its always the way

    (ps this morning I was reading wonderful words of wendell berry.... writing of streams in kentucky.....)