Thursday, 8 March 2012

correspondence and advice

correspondence received this morning.
minus identifying appellations but otherwise unharmed.

On Mar 08, 2012, at 03:13 AM, *****  <*******> wrote:

Dear Ms Flint,

My name is ***** and I am an A2 textile student studying in the UK. I am currently doing a project on time and change, where I am representing how life is becoming so modernised and so I am mainly taking the influence of old style artwork.

I was particularly drawn to your work as the colour combinations in some peices, such as the browns, greys, blacks and oranges create an effect I am attempting to achieve myself.

Therefore I was wondering if you may be able to offer me some advice on how you create your particular patterns and textures, or the materials that work best. If you have the chance any advice would come in very useful.

Thank you for your time.

Yours sincerly,



Dear ******

than you for your enquiry. I have published two books which comprehensively answer the questions you have posed so forgive me if i don't retype the text here.

Eco Colour [Murdoch Books 2008] discusses dyes in depth, Second Skin [Murdoch Books 2011] investigates the provenance and prospects of cloth and clothing.




  1. good job of being nice nice nice. now go and have some chocolate.

  2. is that the grinding of teeth i hear ?
    or perhaps the sound of a face cracking as you attempt to smile ?
    personally i love a letter that ends with cordial ..
    preferably raspberry flavour

    nice work!

  3. SO much to be learned here! thank you so much for sharing. i wish i could be so cordial.

  4. I presume the writer is young. Sometimes access to the internet and all its resources prevent younger minds from seeing the forest for the trees. Sweet.

  5. Very well written reply India... oh my.... and I have to agree with Christine's comment.

  6. "dear eco-colour lady - can you please tell me how you do everything you do in 20 words or less - I would like to be just like you and am sure that with a few words instruction and 30mins hard work I too will be brrrrrilliant

    ps can you please send me your workshop sheets to photocopy - I'm teaching a class next week...

    pss - would you mind sending me a sample of your signature too....

    thanks in anticipation


  7. Da noive!
    Oh my heavens...Ronnie! That is a hoot.
    India, I can sense you are tense. LOL. Chocolate is good right now, the darker the better. Perhaps a massage too.

  8. Oh my! Love Ronnie's comment. However, now I need to stop and clean the jasmine tea off my computer that was spewed when I laughed.

    I thought your answer was wonderful. And agree with all the others who suggested chocolate, dark preferably. Enjoy!

  9. the perfect reply - love it !