Sunday, 8 January 2012


might be back in Queensland 
towards the end of the second week in May
for three days of play and discovery
in the same magical garden
where we stitched and dyed in 2010

more details soon

comments have been re-enabled
if you really feel the need to be personally critical
kindly drop me a line
because the blog ain't the place for it


  1. happy new year! love your dying and wished you came to europe:)

  2. Even though I say the same old thing about how much I love your leafy dyed fabrics and your wonderful sense of humour, it's quite nice to see the comment box back ..... so that I can say it again. All the best for 2012, India!

  3. it's a snowing morning here, and it's fine to be able to write back again. happy 2012 and many many laughs and loves to you. oh, and a little cash and good food, too.

  4. Sometimes words bog things down...enjoy the visuals here always

  5. Happy New Year India. Hope you have an amazing 2012.xlynda

  6. I'm glad that I finally got the chance to say how much I like your dyes!! And I agree with vilterietje, wish you came to europe. hugzz....peebee

  7. Happy New Year India and I was sad to see comments had been disabled as I wanted to say, on your last post about Felix, how my Max does the same thing with his tongue whether it's hot or not... silly cats! I'm glad I can comment again but really... were people leaving awful comments? Some people don't have anything better to do and spoil it for the rest of us. I know it's extra work but you could set your comments to need approval before publishing... just a thought. Wishing you only positive and happy comments for 2012... and beyond!

  8. please check out Toowoomba...a gateway to the west and the vast outback. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  9. Hope you come over to Perth WA sometime soon. I would sign up for a workshop straight away! Have been following you since just before xmas when I found your site... can't remember how!... and have started doing some Eucalyptus printing.. which I hope to blog shortly. I was using cotton, and it wasn't until I got your book (eco colour) I learned about mordents for cottons... shall be trying again! However, I made some white wool felt yesterday and am itching to get some leaves applied to it... love your site and your work! Wishing you every success for this new year!

  10. There's always more love than hate. In a population with a six billion plus folk, a few haters are to be expected. I always think I'm doing well given the odds when I meet someone who feels the need to pull me down. Love you, love what you stand for. Kia kaha, kia toa, kia manawanui. Stand strong, stand firm (like a warrior) and be of good heart dear one. Sending you much love, warm thoughts and hugs from the land of the long white cloud. x