Monday, 9 January 2012

eco coloured northern wanderings - may 11,12,13 of 2012

an adventure in bio regional dyeing 
with some gentle stitching time
in the subtropics

we'll be working in the delightful 2.5 acre garden where the 2010 Fieldwork class was held. [it's on the north western outskirts of Brisbane approx 20 kms from the city centre]
covering an introduction to ecologically sustainable dyeing, the composition of the optimum eucalyptus dyebath and of course ecoprint bundle dyeing...
we'll gather windfalls and weeds, observe the effects of various found metals on colour outcomes and stitch together the samples as they dry to form a beautiful composite cloth which will offer possibilities for ongoing stitching and embellishment
this is a three-day intensive class suitable for all textile lovers; the only skill you really need is the ability to thread a needle.  
dates : 11,12,13 May 2012
for more information or to reserve a place, please contact workshop host Roz Hawker 


  1. hello again..
    Blessings for 2012 India... so lovely to find comments open. All looks great for May...

  2. oh these pictures! the stripes of magenta, the crissy-crossy background, like another set of stripes.. the stitch-wrapped stripes on the bottom... Love!

  3. Hiya India, so glad to see you back... wishing you a safe and happy 2012..

  4. Your workshops always sound so wonderful.. I am filled with envy whenever I read about yours and your experiences and process and landscapes and people...