Tuesday, 25 October 2011

rock-hopping at Halifax

yesterday i tottered about at the seaside
preparing for my class in Halifax

the road to the water wandered past a lovely pond

but in one end of it there was a dog crate
i hope it was vacant

to calm down i built a rockpile

and then another

then i combed the beach for treasure

i marvelled at birch trees growing so close to salt water
it just doesn't happen at home

such a beautiful path
the perfect place to set fire to a car

from this black patch
i salvaged
a nice piece of copper pipe
some melted aluminium
and a lot of fine rusted wire 
[from the tyres]
we used that today to set up some 'magic potion'
for the class

after work today

i went down to the sea again
to collect more lovely seaweed

one of the rockpiles
had survived the tide 


  1. Fall looks very rich there in Halifax!

  2. I love old copper filled with water.

    xx Lorraine xx

  3. your pictures feel like nova scotia.

  4. Nice to have you on this coast.... I got a big laugh, though a complexly layered one - when I read the line .... "obviously the perfect place to set fire to a car". I'm glad some of the refuse will find a higher alchemical purpose than just sitting around poking padded critter paws.

  5. Very glad that you are in Canada, India.

    I hope that you are able to make beautiful colours with the things you salvage, and inspire others to do the same.

    Your books are a treat and inspiration for us all. Welcome to our country.

  6. Welcome to my country. and thank you for the rockpile and the copper filled with water and the beauty you see in everything.


  7. What a wonderful way to find things that you need for your artwork.
    What a beautiful place this Halifax is..

  8. What a wonderful posting India. makes me wish l was therex I too love building rock piles but never as big as yours..well done, they look greatx Glad you found some good items to dye withj..enjoy. lynda

  9. your imagination is so funny

    (about the rusty pups..Penny is very proud of them so...)


  10. A peaceful and pretty journey. The rockpiles look like a man status, like Japanese.

  11. OOOOHHH....i love to stroll along the beach!and find beautiful things that don't mean anything to someone else :)) hugzz...peebee

  12. Your wandering and discovering obviously nourish a very productive talent, India!

  13. Glad to hear Detroit made a contribution to the brew!

  14. I am so happy that you stopped by so that I could discover you and your completely beautiful blog. I love your photographs here, your piles of beach rocks and your finds on the trail... I will be back and back again to find out more about you, like, what kind of classes do you teach?!

  15. thanks for your contributions folks...and yes, my rainbow skipping friend, Detroit [as ever] has a strong presence in my work!