Thursday, 27 October 2011

midweek in NSCAD extended studies [Halifax]

as usual
there are bundles to be opened
these have seaweed in them
and are clamped with found shells

a student brought in this box
of treasures

late morning
we walked to Point Pleasant 
to dip cloth into the seawater
[earlier ideas of trying that closer to the Port
had been abandoned
due to oily slicks
and copper arsenate treated wharf posts]


noticed this after the baptisms
shall be extra thorough in the boiling department

one of my samples from today

more delicious bundles

and above [and two below] some very fine
student samples
folks are clearly paying attention in class :)

the blue bits in the image above
are prints from the little stalks
that remain after the evil invasive seeds
from Japanese knotweed [Polygonum cuspidatum]
have flown off to wreak havoc in the whirled


  1. just great. like that box of coppa.
    and the finished pieces. beach, not so great but surely great dye results

  2. Nice, nice, very nice. I especially like the blue bits from the nasty knotweed!

  3. India these are simply beautiful bundles asking to be beaded and stitched...that box of copper stuff was magic. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  4. i see the seashell made a resist! how delightful

  5. There's some evidence that invasive weeds might be useful for some newer diseases. Knotweed, for instance, is being used with some success at treating Lyme disease, a relatively recent and problem disease here in the Northeast US. However, I don't feel kindly to the weed taking over the river banks and roadsides. Reminds me of we humans!

  6. Love your pictures, these are great!

  7. Your sample is so beautiful and the student pieces have turned out well too. Interesting to read Valerianna's comment about Knotweed and Lyme Disease.

  8. sad about the beach. more on knotweed: gin petty reports that before it reaches human height, harvest it for lovely paper.
    the bundles+seawater=amazing.

  9. Oh, how beautiful! You go to the best places.

  10. OOOH to beautiful. so much fun to be had.

  11. OOh to beautiful so much fun to be had

  12. Really beautiful stuff. So much variety

  13. Amazing patterns of nature. Incredible colours. X