Friday, 14 October 2011

hits and misses and a very fine exhibition

"where are you headed, miss?"
asks the kindly conductor in an avuncular fashion
he looks at the ecoprint felt landskin arrayed across my person and adds
"San Francisco?"

"only in my dreams" i say

"well, in that case, i'll wake you at Albany"

it is 3.40am and i have just spent 6 hours camping in the Amtrak
rail station at Niagara Falls

i am on my way to Vermont, having taken a train from Hastings,
another from Toronto
and then a taxi across the US/Canada border

i am probably the only visitor to this area who has not bothered to go and gawk at North America's oldest tourist attraction

in my defence, it is raining cats, dogs and iguanas and i am schlepping a sodden bag full of exhibition along with my changes of undies, laptop, new cookpot [thanks Monika] and toothbrush

after winding up at Joshua Creek [a delightful venue created by the visionary Sybil Rampen]
i had three days of r+r [ie doing my own work] boiling up pots in the woods of Ontario

incidentally, i would have posted more images of that last workshop, but for the wifi only being available at about midday [otherwise turned off]. given midday is working hours when teaching, it made things tricky.
no wifi, no posts, less publicity for the Joshua Creek Arts Centre. too bad.

oh, and whilst briefly in Toronto i also had the great joy of viewing Dorothy Caldwell's latest exhibition.
exquisite. [after clicking on the link, find Dorothy's name in the right hand column and click to view images of the work]


  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOISSSSSOOOOOOO wish I was in TO to see DC's exibition and so sorry you have been experiencing the soppy mess there in our northeast.......on the other hand it is beautiful and crisp and sunny here with blue skies and FALL COLOR!!!!!!....oh, I'm making a sales pitch........and I see I need to change my moniker water like that anywhere near! ox

  2. oh i'm not complaining about the water
    and right now i'm in one of my very favourite places in the whirled
    mist on the green [and red and gold] mountains
    a splash of rain on the ducks
    all lovely....

  3. I bope the timing is perfect to see the height of fall colors... always so inspiring. Train travel with Amtrak can be surreal, involvong sidings and 100 year old wood b enches, but at least there's n o poking and prodding and taking off your shoes.

  4. Love those Autumn colours. Scrummy

  5. oh thank you India! I would've missed this if you hadn't posted ;)

  6. imagine october in this neck of the woods making stuff in that lovely venue. what an adventure on mass transit in a place where i thought it had vanished!

  7. oh, and i hope to see that exhibit

  8. I was in Ontario and Niagara on the Lake last weekend. I would have thought I was seeing a mirage if I spotted you. Perfect weather for a workshop eh?

  9. Thank you for the link for Dorothy Caldwell's exhibit! I'm envious that you got to see her wonderful work in person.

  10. Last night an exhibition of art just came into my dream and today I see it in your page. does it mean god has sent me here?