Monday, 22 August 2011

flung headlong

in preparation for class here at Long Ridge Farm
i wander into the woods
the path a soft depression in the landscape
invites velvet paws

i have the feeling of being watched
not uncomfortable
more the sense of shared space

sitting on a rock i close my eyes
and it's then that the sweet fragrance of the maples
takes me to another time

forty-two years ago
nearly to the day
i first played in woods like these
not so far from here
fondly imagining i could disappear between the trees

the memory tsunami is almost too much
as is the place itself
so beautiful it hurts

walking back to the farmhouse
i find a brier* patch
berries sweet and dark
sorry bears
i ate them

and it put me in mind of a favourite story
about someone who'd been born and bred in a brier patch

despite distractions
a few leaves found their ways
into my pockets

* purists may challenge my spelling but this i how i read it first
all those years ago...


  1. Sweet memory is such a treasure. Just over a decade ago I spent an August week in the summer lushness of western New York, so different from my beloved but dry Serras. Thanks for taking me back to that memory.

  2. delicious place to be holed up a while ... enjoy!

  3. Sometimes memories do hurt even if they are happy memories..... and especially when one is alone in the "wilderness". This looks like a beautiful place. Enjoy!

  4. Oh those memory trains rushing through the senses. Beautiful fabric.

  5. today I received your new book it is a wonderful book a treasure

  6. Wonderful place..wonderful evocation of it for us who are there vicariously!

  7. I had not heard that tale before so interesting to read it, thank you for thr link to it. Do you know, I had never, ever put Brambles and briar/briers together!!!
    No idea what I thought briers were in that case and I obviously hadnt paid much attention to poor Sleeping Beauty being trapped behind them in the
    How dim can I be lol duhh