Tuesday, 5 July 2011

more intimate secrets

yesterday i shared an image of my early morning
today i'm offering a little more
this early morning picture of the little person who shares my comforts

and this one
of something that keeps us both warm

a queen size blanket knitted by my mother
from English Leicester wool
harvested from some of the fluffy poppets who
potter about the farm that i live on

have been looking at the calendar 
[because i was doing housekeeping on my website]
finding a little space over the [southern] summer
open to suggestions as to where it might be useful
to offer a workshop...


  1. the blanket? beautiful, huge, amazing.

  2. thank you for a private peep into your worldxxx

  3. I'm glad it is still keeping you both warm . . .

  4. We have similar dear ones purring the night through with us, but your Mom's knit blanket would be shredded by kneading claws....You must have a more polite little person!

  5. Ooooo...A bit of spare time? Would love to see you again in Aotearoa. Is that a possibility?

  6. dreaming fondly of Aotearoa but suspect, being bushfire season, that may have to stay a little closer to home...

  7. Darling little fur person, and lovely blanket.

  8. that blanket is a treasure...looks so newly knitted, too! great wool and handiwork.

  9. Had to read your post twice (about the southern part) Was milliseconds away from a nudge towards the Pacific Northwest..."take Hwy. 1 in a snazzy rented convertible and drive till the land ends. I'll meet you at the ferry dock."

  10. A workshop in Savannah, Georgia, USA would be most welcome!! The local art college, SCAD, has a fibers major and would have many interested students!