Monday, 18 July 2011

found something

pootling about in the studio
i found some things that were forgotten
out of curiosity
opened one of them

it had been forgotten since January

and the contents were quite exciting

i found a few favourite bolts and stones
discovered a means of colouring alfoil yellow

although at first the cloth looked quite black
it turned out to be green
reputedly the hardest colour to dye using natural dyes
[the jar in the middle of the image is where all the pieces had been stuffed]

and then a little later on
The Precious came indoors, to report that she had found

an extraordinary fungus growing on a fallen piece of bluegum [Eucalyptus leucoxylon]


  1. i love how all those treasures were hidden inside one small jar. x

  2. g&t dregs... do they even exist????

  3. Omg what an amazing fungi...beautiful India. It is such fun isn't it when you find things you had forgotten about. Have funxxlynda

  4. Well there has to be at least one magical ingredient Samm!!

  5. Finding bits is the only real perk to sorting through my craft stuff lol Its amazing what turns up that wa s lost, somewhere safe or plain forgotten about!
    Lucky you and what fun to open it up....and find such great pieces!

  6. Fantastic finds, both in the bottle and on the tree.... gorgeous colourings and markings...

  7. this is heartening! lovely surprise, and from the precious, too!

  8. thats a pretty spectacular fungus India... cant say I've ever seen anything like this colour!