Thursday, 2 June 2011

walking down on market street and feeling my heart skip a beat

after a vile flight full of screaming babies whose bewiddled parents simply gazed at them while they screamed rather than [a] changing the nappy [b] helping the burp to the surface - think how gas expands at higher altitudes, it's no wonder they are uncomfortable [c] giving the child something to suck on

i have landed once again in San Francisco

must have walked ten miles today, jumping in puddles on memory lane
have another solo day tomorrow
and then it's onward to Minneapolis - St Paul

here are a few fleeting impressions

[tweaked by infinicam]



  1. Jump one for me too, please! Welcome back to the wild west, wanderer.

  2. mmmm , San Fran will do that to you, i heard Chris Isaak say so.
    enjoy memory lane
    and all the other lanes..

  3. Wonderful old/new photos, India, as San Francisco seems to me to be. The 'friendlies', the sheep on your blog - that is a lovely photo too. Are they from home?

  4. getting rather a dab hand at editing your pictures !!! kiss. enjoy your trip. . H.

  5. fine memories of San Fran myself... enjoying your postings from across the pacific... the cafe...impromtu concert...the walks...lovely,

  6. I too have had screaming children on planes and trains and parents don't seem to know what to do......poor children. I have to admit l have told put a dummy in a babies mouth or a sweet to children when landing or taking off.! haven't been yelled at yet but there is still time......
    Love the images, been there but many, many years ago.xlynda