Monday, 30 May 2011

when too much is too much

i sometimes sense an air of disbelief when telling students that there is such a thing as "too much" and that string-making is one of the solutions
the piece above was my travel companion during the recent European pilgrimage
it was stitched and dyed in various places
hidden in the surface are prints from hazelnut leaves in France
tulips in London
walnut leaves in Switzerland
the last immersion at home was simply too much
it will become either pockets on an apron


  1. really??? oh nooo, so many good memories of Europe travels and encounters in this cloth, so many careful meditative stitching! I'd try and rescue it by stitching more (yes!) with some white or light colored thread to create some contrast. Might work? and rescue Cloth from the rope (pun intended)?

  2. thats going to become a beautiful apron.............

  3. The cloth still retains it's rich history.
    Now it is just a little more mysterious...

  4. 'tis disappointing when it's yucky mud and not pretty, BUT no stitch is wasted. when in doubt, spin. if it's for string, do you call it "string"?

  5. I am curious...wondering why it is too much? Is it because some earlier prints have disappeared under the added color - or the color is *thicker* - or...?

    Still, will make for some mighty fine pockets.

  6. oh--i checked back, i meant, "if it for string, is it stringing?"

  7. Dahling, the stitching is still divine.

  8. Good to know when to stop, but you may have been working in transit and on the fly,

    so it's difficult to have perspective in the squishy seats of a train, plane or automobile.
    ha - word verif is "immerwad" immer means always in german...always wadding.

  9. i'm wondering what you mean by string? will you shred it and make yarn? what about all the beautiful stitching?!

  10. one of my students once said, Elis always warns you for 'too much information..' I did not know I used that sentence that often, but I agree with myself on this one. ;)

    Will you now rest from your travels India?

  11. Everyone has said everything there is to all l will say is....beaqutiful work. x lynda x