Friday, 20 May 2011

sweet home south australia

am home and have waded through two snowdrifts of mail
one very real
the other virtual
carried by e-pigeons
and now
there are several cats draped across me at various points
helping me type

there was a lot of stuff in the mail 
some delightful
other things a bit odd
for instance someone sent me a piece of cloth from a coat
said they'd "seen my book" and wanted advice on how to dye said garment
enclosed reply paid envelope for return of dyed sample
must try that ploy myself next time i need to consult a professional

some of the delights in the pile included
a beautiful hand-bound book [with ecoprint and embroidered cover] made by Judilee Fitzhugh
also a small apron and a patched fragment from SRI textiles
and another apron i had found at a brocante in La Rochelle
along with a box of stuff we'd posted home
a pile of gorgeous photos from Helen Lyon [visit her pages 'an archive' via the column at left]

[big smile from ear-to-ear]
my advance copy of Second Skin

thank you, Murdoch Books
and thank you Toyoko, my lovely friend and the wonderful designer of the book
who incidentally has a very nice website here


  1. im not sure just how much longer i can wait... hurry up july!
    at least the sender of garment fabric for analysis didnt send you the whole garment for you to actually dye... still cheeky tho!
    welcome home xo

  2. yay! I thought I felt the presence of a returned oz critter (mind you the message was a little diluted as SA is a couple of states away...)

    and I'm simply *DYING* (ha haa haa oops just realised silly pun) to see more of that forthcoming book.....

  3. Oh some people have a nerve..
    The new book, how wonderful.. you must be very proud.. and glad to be home..

  4. Australia your standing in it... Rod Quantock?
    welcome back India ... curious mail indeed!
    Love that your copy of THE BOOK is in your hands... that's a lovely homecoming!

  5. Glad you're home again. Hope you can rest before your next set of travels. Can't wait to get my hands on your new book! Congratulations.

  6. i love big mail myself, unless i don't have time to attend to it and/or there are overdue bills... anticipating the book like crazy!!!!!

  7. always nice to get home in the end...sounds like a great trip though all in all