Wednesday, 18 May 2011

homeward bound

on the way to the Jewish cemetery in Prenzlauer Berg
[where i needed to go because on Saturday, Shabbat, i heard someone
singing prayers in the dark as i passed by the walls in the night]
there are two men playing Bach at the Alex

Bach pierces the heart when found accidentally like this
much more so than when sitting among the stuffed shirts at a formal concert

in the cemetery all is quiet
here and there a stone rests on a bigger one
- a sign that someone has visited

the graveyard dates back to the 1700s, i think
the Nazis vandalised it 
more recently, others have too
i don't understand why 

on a lighter note
here is a treasure i found at one of the fleamarkets
[it's destined for a friend]

when you hold it up to the light
there's a face at the bottom of the cup

fingers crossed it survives the baggage handlers...


  1. first bach the way it should be, then stones, then a mystery image. so many missing people. glad you are on your way home. missing no more.

  2. Ah!
    I didnt know about that lovely cemetery.
    I just went to the big memorial near the gates.. this one looks lovely.
    (makes note for next trip)

  3. gosh, ur travels are full of wonderment. i love it. i have to make my wonderment right here at home. one day though, one day. happy homecoming Indie. x

  4. That face on the bottom of that Japanese tea cup is wonderful! and I agree about listening to music like that-- unexpectedly hearing music when you are out walking and exploring-- I have had that experience a few times and it is memorable.

  5. The UK also has an apparent epidemic of toppled gravestones bit, if vandalism, it's institutional vandalism. All gravestones are subjected to regular topple tests and, if deemed likely to fall, they are laid down safely rather than left to topple on people's feet or other parts. It could be that what you saw was down to that - whether to avoid damage or litigation isdebatable.

  6. Interesting comment by Sue and I hope it is that rather than ignorant acts of vandalism. I love your tea cup and have a similar set from my grandmother, though not sure if they have the Lithophane in the base (must get them out and have another look). I'm sure your friend will love it :)

  7. Oh,the pictures of the cemetery were so peaceful and beautiful; it was jarring to see the gravestones toppled over.

    I've never seen a cup with a face! How fabulous!

    Wonderful blog you have here!

  8. a topple-test, eh?

    interesting thought. suspect it's the other kind of vandalism though
    as Berlin doesn't seem to have spare money for mowing lawns and planting municipal flowers
    just for the basics like fixing the U-bahn and mending the more dramatic potholes in the streets

    [and on a brighter note, the cup survived the baggage handlers :~) ]