Monday, 4 April 2011


those nine days away were fabulous
working at Yankalilla
in the midst of beautiful rolling hills that look like sleeping beasts

driving down the coast each evening
to a wee house by the sea
wandering over the cliffs in the gentle last light

we dyed and dyed and stitched and stitched

97 leaf-printed flags will flutter at the Leafy Sea Dragon Festival

and a huge hand-pieced patchwork will hang at Yankalilla
dyed with the "Colours of Home"
[about 3 metres high x 6 metres wide]

the last stitch went in at 7pm last night
by which time it was getting a little dark

for photography

and now i think of it
my first solo exhibition since 2009
opened at the Orange Regional Gallery last Friday
there will be a gathering in the space on April 13
...swing by if you're in the area?


  1. Love that coast drive... those views look fabulous India!
    Have a wonderful time in Orange ... do wish I could drop in on your show!

  2. All the best for your exhibition, India. I've just been drooling over your WrapMeinRoses on Flickr.

  3. looks like you were truly in your element Indi. The dedication and inspiration on the faces of the stitchers....congrats on your solo flight too x

  4. good luck with the solo (orange! don't you love it when a place is a colour too! very fitting spot to have a solo show)

  5. that top photo is endless beauty, ah

    sounds like you had a wonderful time

    congratulations on completing your wonderful flags.

  6. Hi India
    thanks for a great workshop. It was lovely to meet you at Yankalilla. Anytime you need a slave give me a call/email/whatever. I would love to learn more.

  7. What a wonderful time in Orange.

    Would love to see your show, but too far away....

    Congratulations on having another solo exhibition.


  8. thanks Peta
    see you again sometime

  9. i love all those beautiful women stitching. love them, a patchwork themselves.