Friday, 25 March 2011

some days of silence

i'll be off the radar for nine days or so
brewing cauldrons at Yankalilla
[note to burglars, don't bother - there'll be someone here at all times and they can be quite fierce]
which gives you plenty of time
to swing across to Sophie Munns' page
and read about things that are really important


  1. thanks for pointing us in Sophie's direction and have fun with the cauldrons - looking forward to seeing what comes out of them xx

  2. Good wandering India ! ... thanks for the nod to the north east!

  3. Just a little note to stay thanks for a great workshop. I put some photos of our time in Yankalilla on my blog.

  4. Just a quick note to say "Thanks India for the reply on my blog about my art being stolen. I am sorry your stuff was stolen too but it is very true about making you re-think your work and direction. I have started to replace some of the painting and my husband has sayed that they are very different and some how have 'more' to them than the ones l lost" So India thank you for your words of wisdomxlynda

  5. I am so sorry that you have been having such difficult times with the huge fan club that has surged up around you.

    I can't help but pick up a very tired tone from your blog on this visit.

    The world is falling apart.
    We need you to keep steady and inspired and hence inspiring.
    Really, we do.

  6. sorry, didn't mean to sound jaded
    things should pick up now...