Sunday, 27 February 2011

somewhere else

i'm in Melbourne
attending a Julian Roberts subtraction cutting workshop

at Beautiful Silks in Fitzroy
brilliant stuff

one of the bits i subtracted from my cloth

wandering on my way into class yesterday
i stumbled through the South Melbourne market
where i found a bunch of

which of course reminded me of the time my family spent living by a lake in Vermont, i had to buy them


  1. Oh, you're brave India! - In these northern parts of the world it's common knowledge, that the water lilys belongs to the water elf (or nix), and that he will drag any water lily thief under the water ... (you can guess the rest) - I'm glad you live down under, maybe you don't have water elfs. In any case, take care when you get near a lake in the near future, ok? ;)

  2. I watched the video on Julians website. Wow! I can only imagine your eco-dyed cloth with his methods will produce a stunning garment. Waiting patiently for more pic's of finished work.

  3. Lovely - and of course I am now wondering what lake in Vermont?

  4. i await some thrilling garments...and seriously, hang on to your bedpost, because if the water elves get an idea to come after you in the dark...well...
    word: phromou

  5. crikey india what have you to yourself into here - one suggestion to counter any perceived activities from the pesky water elves is to quickly turn to the East (although in our case of course, its really west) where the water lily is a symbol for light, enlightenment and resurrection - then see how far those elves get with their mischief xx

  6. Sounds like you're having a wonderful time.
    Love the photo of the water lilies is just beautiful.
    Please explain what this "subtraction cutting" process is. I haven't heard of it before.

  7. i console myself with the thought that i rescued the waterlilies from a nasty bucket with much respect

    the lake in Vermont? Lake the foot of Mount Samuel

    and subtraction cutting? paring away microbits in order to create cleverly draped and folded garments....magic

  8. hello India...just spent a wonderful afternoon with your book 'Eco Colour' and now looking at my garden with a wild eye and planning lots of bundles with my 8 yr old students xxLynne (Beclu)

  9. ps we have had pink and blue waterlilies on our lunch table at school last week. Is that where those children went?