Sunday, 27 February 2011

subtraction cutting with Julian Roberts

Julian Roberts has taught 6 workshops in Australia this week
during which time students have made 160 garments 
[and Julian himself has made 6 - one in each class]

i'm a bit slow with stitching
and it took me two full days to finish my dress
and stitch in a lining

when i finished it
i gave it to my friend Marion
i was very pleased
it fits her even though i didn't measure her
when cutting it out

it's made of velvet and silk organza
and dyed with a bucket full of foresty things
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  1. Oh, lucky Marion. The dress is beautiful and the Julian Roberts classes seems like so much fun (I have received the promos from beautiful silks). Wish I was closer...

  2. marion looks like a queen. beautiful, beautiful.

  3. Such a gift will make giftee and gifter smile and hold dear their friendship for a long time. A gorgeous piece.

  4. Beautiful.........the dress and the smile!

  5. Oh to have a friend like you!!!
    fab dress, lucky marion and clever you for transforming nature in such a great way :)

  6. subtraction cutting?

    sounds organic.

    and the dress has such movement..

  7. Such a fabulous experience for all...nothing like having the opportunity to study with ones chosen teachers. Marion needs a chariot - WOW!

  8. That is so lovely and thoroughly fascinating. A great method to combine with bucketfuls of foresty things. I'm in love with this technique and dying to learn more.