Thursday, 20 January 2011

wear/where will it all end?

while i'm trotting about the countryside on my high horse
i thought i'd share what i found in the Ecouterre newsletter today

so-called "Pollinator Frocks". i'm sorry, but this is taking idiocy to the extreme. the frocks are indeed pretty [printed with leaf pix and macro-images of pollen] but what they are planning to do
that is
feed bees with sugar
is precisely the opposite of what bees need

why not plant a backyard meadow
instead of [as they suggest] hanging a sugar-impregnated garment on the washing line for bees to have a snack at?

sooner or later some clot is going to wear one of these frocks
and wonder why s/he is covered in bees
or flies
they like sugar too

what is the point? bees need pollen, not refined sugar. lovely as it is, sugar weakens bees. use it to make salt caramel or rum and grow bee-friendly plants instead

it's almost as good as the suggestion somebody made back in 2003
about creating artificial trees to "reduce the carbon levels"

so far as i can tell they look like giant tennis racquets with venetian blinds attached. mmm, attractive. i'll go sit under that one for a picnic for sure

wouldn't it use more non-renewable resources to construct such things?

what's wrong with planting a tree?
and - flash of lightning thought - it might even do something useful for the bees!!!!

here in Oz, it's simple...plant a eucalyptus [think of it as a vertical meadow]. they all have lovely flowers and
might drop the odd windfall for your dyepot as well....


  1. See, the world has gone mad, or was it always this mad?
    Cheers Jan

  2. some people will do just anything in the name of art to promote themselves. i need a cup of tea under my favourite gum tree after seeing that.
    btw, i was thinking last night, would you care to visit here (Bathurst) when you wander up to Orange next April? we're only 35mins (55kms)away. see my wylde womyn garden where the native bees roam free. k.

  3. It's this kind of weird 'reinventing of the wheel' thing that seems to be going on. We've got ourselves cut off so far from nature, from natural food production, from the REAL world, that we seem to be turning to technology to give it back to us in pre-packaged, sanitised, shrink-wrapped versions, when all we really need to do is go outside and LOOK, SMELL, LISTEN. Reminds me of an old Leunig cartoon, dad and kid sitting in front of the TV watching a sunset on it, and totally unaware of the real thing out the window. I'm reading "The Spell of the Sensuous" by David Abram at the moment, and it's resonating deeply.

  4. I am allergic to bees!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Having been treated to the Ecstasy of Manuka Gold while in Oz (and thank you).....I have become more than a fan....

    A friend of mine here...knowing that....suggested I listen to this...

    An interview with Grace Pundyk who wrote the book....The Honey pursuit of Liquid Gold and Vanishing Bees......

    I have not read the book.....but the interview was most informative.....echoing your most recent concern......Bravo

  6. the world is mad. people are mad. i am once again brought back to the the love of that is so NOT good.

  7. Or the love of 15 minutes of fame?

    I watched the video again......the intention is clearly not to save the precious bees! and next New Zealand?! Our Manuka Gold will taste like polyester!

    I wonder do you think we were punked?

  8. OMG this is hilarious... Is it in the comedy section of You Tube? My husband just watched it with me and thought it was a bit mean and weird to try and trick the insects into thinking the fabric was a plant, i agree but will add daft also..

  9. words to waist on this....
    Beekeeper-me sends a shaking head

  10. thanks Rainbow i've read Grace's book
    frankly terrifying in parts, in terms of the prognosis for the future of the honey bee

    we eat about 50kg of honey a year in this house [which is why we are so disgustingly healthy] - the thought of a whirled without bees is devastating. think of all the plants that need pollinating [quite aside from that delicious sticky stuff]

  11. Hmm. That'll be a real treat for a young gal that's allergic to bee stings. Feed a bee and go to hospital with anaphylactic shock. Maybe even die. Yeah, that's a selling point.

    Or, for a quite a few cents less, you could buy a packet of flower seeds AND PLANT THEM. And not go to hospital either!!! OK you might get hayfever but I don't think that's fatal.

  12. In fact, They - the elite - don´t care about bees pollinating plants all over the world if only the bees be active in their own gardens! To keep bees flying away into the world´s garden they will come up with all the technical equipment They make/made availble.

    There is no end at all to the madness of THEM just look at how Monsanto is controlling our food, They will do that with animals as well. I mean, birds that suddenly fall of the sky and drop dead!!!
    The next step is humans that drop dead from sneezing or just breathing! Let alone a pandemic They try to create!

    Why do you think They made Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway?
    Just a hought.

  13. something popped to my mind which seems good to share: the very wonderful book of J├╝rgen Tautz :"the buzz about bees" is finally translated into English...a brilliant insite into the life of bees.

  14. Gee some people really don't have better things to do with their time. Thankfully these silly garments are only limited edition! Poor unsuspecting bees, butterflies and flies feeding on that awful refined sugar instead of nature's nectar...