Friday, 21 January 2011


it's hot.

i should be stitching this

and proofing a set of second pages
[am up to pp 46]

instead am dreaming of this

and having a quick dance with the time vampire
where i found this
it's a link worth following if you're curious to see images of the workshop held at the Contemporary Textile Studio Coop in Toronto, Canada
and now back to proofing


  1. never toooo hot to be dancing!

  2. Are you coming back to Toronto this year? I heard rumours that you are and I was so sorry that I missed you last year!

  3. and here it's COLD. this weekend it's predicted to be below zero for several days. looking at the photos brought last summer back, and my wish i had taken your class, anyway, i got a good sense of it through these photos. and you know hiroko!

  4. Hey I'll be back in Ontario in the Fall ( but at different location) and also in Nova Scotia...

  5. Thank you for the link, what wonderful 'eye candy'.

  6. Nice to be reminded that it is HOT SOMEWHERE. I am enjoying perusing your book by the fire here on the beach in Slushburg, Alaska.

  7. I should be stitching a paper collage but the internet has a way of distracting me!

    Thanks for your visit to my blog. I used your method to make eucyluptus dye yesterday. Worked well as a wash for my collage papers and a dye for fabric. Happy results! Thanks! Will link back to your page when I've posted my experiment.