Saturday, 1 January 2011

things to do on NeW YeaR's DaY

gather St John's wort thus reducing
the bio-regional burden of an
introduced weed and boosting supplies
for the dyepot

savour delicious coffee made in
replica Atomic coffee machine
[Christmas present from chillun]
while leafing through ancient Time/Life book from thrift store
and finding images such as that above,
sensitively captioned
"peasants consider washing lines
to be a luxury"

prepare fabric for the 
at Beautiful Silks in Melbourne 
in February

keep stitching

Happy New Year everybody
may blessings and flowers abound
[and of course leaves - that goes without saying...]


  1. happy new year!

    (ps any time you've got the urge to pick more St John's Wort - I've got a paddock riddled with the stuff! come on over!)

    xx cheers from the creek - ronnie

  2. May we all enjoy 2011 as a Year of Peace in which the Arts thrive!

    (Finally! I have your book. Reading daily...)

  3. the day looks very fine at your house iNdiana ...

    best wishes for a brilliAnt year ahead !


  4. Sounds like the perfect day..

    hot as hell here - 41 degrees.
    so now I know what St John's wort looks like.

  5. I am looking forward of your garment from Julian's workshop,
    wowdy, you'll be teaching him (or you could), no sweat.........

    PS: why can't I find St Johns wort, I doooooo look
    also for the other yellow one with the 5 little pettals, the one that makes the delightfull red marks, I have hit the brakes and stopped on the travels, to check out plants, but they do not want to be found by me (yet, I hope)

  6. Have spent a wonderful few hours wandering through Adelaide's botanical gardens actually seeing (in the flesh so to speak)some of the gorgeous trees that give red dye! Only photos taken. Lovely day here today, much cooler.

  7. I like your "sensitive caption'. Much more satisfying to spread your linens over the grass than using chemical bleach.

    PS just discovered a new source of St.John's Wort.

  8. yes i've been eyeing off my local StJ Wort lately too, my previous prunings seem to have given it the zest for life. happy optimistic new year to you, k.

  9. Happy new year India and may this year be full of colours and happines and........ keep stitching.

  10. I can't wait to hear about the Julian Roberts workshop after Feb.I got his sub-cut book and it all looks so exciting.And thanks for all your postings , the inspiring stitches and words have lifted my heart.

  11. I can't wait to hear about the Julian Roberts workshop after Feb.I got his sub-cut book and it all looks so exciting.And thanks for all your postings , the inspiring stitches and words have lifted my heart.

  12. all the leaves here are resting beneath a blanket of snow. happy new year.

  13. smiles and happy discoverys for you this year

  14. A Happy and Abundant New Year to You also.

  15. a happy new year's day of interesting explorations, bean-wise, book-wise, and plant-wise. our day is beginning with a big thaw and the absence of most snow.

  16. hAPpy nEW YeAR, iNDia!
    A wonderful post (luv the washing bit) and yummmm, I can almost smell that coffee :>]
    Shall be stitching! AND holding onto big hopes of meeting up with you somewhere, somehow, by hook or by crook or by sea!

  17. thanks for all the kind thoughts folks...
    and Madeleine, i'm just looking forward to being a quiet little mouse in Julian's class
    wrapping my head around those cunning cutting schematics

  18. happy new year India and all those who come to your blog, for inspiration, a giggle and to see your fantastic photos of your life... I'm breathing it all in

  19. you lift my heart and soul and inspire my creative fire... in return i wish you the kindest and gentlest and happiest and most successful and bountiful 2011
    ps i am a recovering "floordrobe" user and feel that should i begin to engage the services of our grass for drying purposes, i may be on a rapid downhill slope back to "floordrobing"... the tree branches in our yard are a much safer alternative xo

  20. Happy New Year

    This is an inspiring post. Things to do.

  21. happy new year, India - interesting the Julian thing, have his download, but it is like a puzzle yet..

  22. Happy New Year on the other half of the globe!

  23. Happy New Year India ... now i know what St Johns Wort looks like im keeping my eyes open as i drive around my island.

  24. OOOh. I'm going to the one in Canberra. was going to prepare my own silk too. We will have to compare garments in September. Love Pam