Tuesday, 28 December 2010


bliss to be home and doodling drawing
making the odd bundle and getting work together
for the show in Orange/Minnesota

am somewhat stunned to have discovered
the mailing list from my website [www.indiaflint.com]
has grown to over 1000 people, which is a bit scary
and also
difficult to manage, as legally i can't send more than 500
emails at a time - otherwise they begin to constitute spam
so i've removed the mailing list button from the website
and hope that people will visit here instead
sign up as followers
subscribe via email
that way those who want the news will get it
hot off the press
and i won't have to field bouncing emails

thanks for visiting and reading
and leaving your comments
and signing on as friendly followers


  1. It gave me great joy to get a comment from my current teacher - thank you! I am working with your book Eco Colour. Yesterday brought a somewhat disappointing experience with eucalyptus but I'm going to try again with more leaves and less cloth and soak it for a long time. I did get a few light green leaf prints on wool and the iron pot helped a lot! A friend is coming over later this week with homespun wool from her sheep and we'll do skeins in onionskin dye. If you ever teach in the southern US again, I would love to take a class from you.

  2. When is the show in Orange, Minnesota? Will you be teaching in Minnesota in the summer 2011? Have your book but would like to meet you!

  3. Hi India: Happpy New Year !!! Glad you have some time to dooodle and play with your bundles tooo : ) I have been following your blog for a year or so and LOVE IT !!! I was finallly able to (out of stock) purchase your EcoColour book and absolutely love it toooo : ) I'm one who pops in everyday sooo don't you worry at all about the e-mailing list (or whatever it's callled, haha). I think your followers are alll very, very loyal followers : ) I'd love to take a class from you tooo, maybe someday you'll be venturing to the Southwest area (USA), I'll just keeep hope-ing and hope-ing and hope-ing : ) sorrrry I'm just blithering - have a wonderful day : )
    Blessings, Sandra in AZ, USA

  4. love these gathered flowers against the "scribbles" what a wonderful visual combination! Very juicy for my eyes.

  5. welcome home India,
    thanks for the lovely note....

    I am just trying the cold bundles and have a question (ot two):
    when you write to leave them, does that mean days, weeks, months?
    if one can resist though I mean?
    is it important that they are kept moist all along or just to start with?
    I thought it would be easier to ask here, so no email problems.

    Happy New Year


  6. forgetful me:

    raining blossoms and lots of magic windfall too

  7. hey Laurie, i'm always totally delighted to see folks dyeing with plants rather than poisons...the trick with eucalyptus is heat. most other plants will give colour in cold bundles but fresh eucalyptus needs heat to transform that greygreen into bright colour
    Herm - i meant Orange [NSW] and Minnesota, sorry for unclear rapid writing. the show "windFallMaps" opens at the Orange Regional Gallery in APril and then wanders across the Pacific to the Katherine Nash Gallery in Minneapolis
    Sandra, thanks for buying my book...rumour has it i may be back in Tennessee in 2015, but that's a long ways off. in the meantime i'm pondering the notion of hiring a house in New Orleans [one of my favourite places in the South] and holding a class there...details will be on the blog when i've found a suitable spot
    and Madeleine, cold bundles need at least 3 weeks, best kept moist... undo if you spot mould beginning
    i prefer to keep them bundled in jars with a little wax on the surface of the liquid [stops mould growing]. i make the bundle, put it in a jar and then just pour warm left-over dye on the top, drop in a small lump of wax. it will melt and seal the top. the trick is to eventually remove the bundle on a cold day [when the wax is solid].
    oh and thanks for the blossoms and windfalls
    happy trails everyone

  8. oh goodness i just saw the article in bloom about you and your work.the squashed pansy stained fabric/image is soooo beautiful.pansy time here in japan :^)
    your work made me excited about cloth again.thankyou.

  9. ahhh.. doodling, a much underestimated past-time... glad to see you're keeping busy for the coming year, you are so lucky to be fully engaged with the things you love, your life sounds like one huge adventure :-)
    have an excellent new year, sending all the best things!

  10. Beautiful image of flower and doodle. Wishing you everything of the best for 2011, India!

  11. sending a little new years blessing India from the rainy state to the hot and sunny state...hope you are fine where you live with all that talk of high fire danger!

    I noted with awe your 2011 looks fabulous... go well!

  12. Happy New yearxxlynda