Tuesday, 4 January 2011

side benefits - slightly amended

i've been fiddling about and trying to make
these pages a bit more interesting
by attempting to add a thingummy
 which is supposed to include
a link to the most recent post of the commenter
so this is a bit of a test post
to see if it's working.
so much gadgetry.

but the idea is to make it more amusing
for readers
so shall persevere

must admit i actually prefer to do my musing
with pen in hand
and lovely ink pot for dipping
a nice way to record thoughts
with happy side benefit
of lovely stains on the facing page
when the writing is up to speed
and leaves are turning at fast pace

apologies to the three people who kindly commented
on the original version of this post
turned out that the gadget was a bit of a dud
didn't seem to live up to its promise
AND made the blog dreadfully slow to load

thank you for bearing with me
had to delete the gizmo
and unfortunately it ate the comments
as it departed the stage 
enough with the gimmickry!