Wednesday, 22 December 2010

seasons dreamings

thanks for a lovely year, folks
i've met some delightful people along the way
crossed the path of the odd challenging type
[no drama, is not only character-building
but rich fodder for writing]

2011 seems pretty much booked out*
New Zealand
back to Australia
United States [Minnesota and Wisconsin]
United States
Canada [Ontario and Nova Scotia]
taking a deep breath
home again about mid-November
and curling up with the cat and a good book.**

as for 2012...
i'm dreaming ahead
thinking of finding 4 or 5 lovely places by the sea
[New Zealand, US,
Australia and maybe the UK or Ireland]
to retreat to with like-minded skinsisters
for weeklong stitch and dye feasts
making talismanic protective garments
using a bit of old, a bit of new
 ornaments and amulets
and of course many many pockets...

so Happy Solstice one and all
enjoy the lovely golden moon
 slip safely into a Happy New Year
and i look forward to catching up with you
on the other side

* while my calendar is full, there are still spaces in the events
at quite a few of the locations on the list 

**ps case the issue is raised,no i'm not going to Belgium
[or the Netherlands] in 2011. it's nothing personal [i like both very much]
just that i won't haggle over costs and travelling involves expenses
teaching is work [albeit giving great satisfaction] and contributes to making a living

...not something i do just to pass the time while wandering


  1. Have thoroughly enjoyed your posts over the year and look forward to many more through your travels. Have a happy solstice and may the new year bring you all your dreams. J

  2. wow. it makes ME tired looking at your schedule! part of MY watershed year has been YOU!

  3. Happy solstice to yo too, India.
    I'm sorry to hear that you will not visit Belgium, but I fully understand your reasons. Where will you be teaching in Franceand when? We were thinking of spending our holiday there next year.

  4. very happy solstice to you india from deep in a snow filled forest

    i do hope our paths cross somewhere sometime next year
    thank you for all the inspiration x

  5. Wishing you peace and happiness as you look forward to the new year.
    Many experiences to be had and people to meet. Surprises to I imagine.

  6. whew! all the best in the coming year.

  7. Wow! I would be fabulous if you came to the UK!!! Wales is beautiful you know :-) Nadolig Llawen! xxjxx

  8. Sandra, i'll be at the ISEND conference at La Rochelle
    and teaching "next door" in Switzerland [see for details]
    Julie, i adore Wales - fond memories of walking through Wales back in [gulp] the eighties

  9. Merry Christmas and Happy New year India.x Looking forward to seeing you in Switzerlad and l promise to try not to be too challenging!x What an amazing year it has been for you and you deserve it my friend..your bk is amaziong.xxhave a happy Christmas and enjoy your "rest" time.xxGood luck in 2011.
    I was born in Wales and love walking there too when ever l get the chance.xlynda

  10. Glad to have found you this past year, and look forward to more enjoyment. I really liked your article in the Fiber Arts magazine (Jan/Feb?? recent issue) You are one busy lady!

  11. Merry Solstice and a creative New Year filled with Happiness and delightful adventures where ever you wonder.

  12. It's been great meandering along the trails watching you India, thanks for having us along on your journey. Looking forward to 2011, and it's new challenges... will see you there
    cheers and kind regards Shazz

  13. wow.

    wish i were closer to some of these.

    writing in my therapy
    and quilting
    maybe i need a lot of help. :)

  14. many happy merry solstice new year santa claus' to you and yours
    that place by the sea is still there in the brochure i gave you... hmmm
    thank you (again) for everything you give and do and are - i am one very grateful recipient of much goodness and inspiration
    love to you xoxo

  15. mm..

    Sign me up for stitched talismans..

    2011 looks chockers already.

  16. Glad I discovered you and all the other creative kinship this past year, I've enjoyed it immensely.I thoroughly loved your book and the recent article in the winter issue of Fiber Arts magazine. You are one busy lady, but an enjoyable busy. Peace, love and happiness in the new year.

  17. Sorry didn't realize I commented yesterday, until now, so you know I'm a fan, for sure. Ha!

  18. thank you everybody for your kind thoughts and wishes

  19. my goodness, you will be traveling a LOT in 2011--- but they all look like wonderful places which I am sure I will read about in your terrific blog-- thank you in advance.. and happy new year.

  20. Well if you ever come this way, I will throw my cottage doors open to you!

  21. looking forward to meet you India in Switzerland, a great wish for the new year. Maybe you can make a stop while travelling from the coast to Switzerland somewhere close to Dijon, where I will be for holidays..? Take it 'slow', despite the schedule, XD

  22. hello gondwana sister
    happy new year dreams and wishes to you. looking forward to travelling around the whirled with you vicariously through ur blog. its gonna be a great year for us. i feels it in my bones! xxx

  23. I so hope to find some info about your workshop in UK!!! When I discovered you I was thinking 'wow I would love to meet her'. Please keep us posted.
    And thanks for so briliant discoveries and widening the opportunities to play. J