Sunday, 19 December 2010

home sweet home

it's been a fabulous year
but it's lovely to be home
the garden is a tad overgrown
 my cat is pleased to see me
and there is work to be done

there have been a couple of withdrawals
from the feltquilt workshop
at Dairy Flat on the north island of lovely New Zealand
drop me a line if you think you might have space in your life
to gather around a dyepot
make soft prefelts
stitch silk and wool cloth into the surface
and bring them together in a snuggly warm wrapping cloth
a feltquilt to take with you on your travels


  1. yes, it can be fun and exciting to travel-- see new places and meet interesting people-- which makes coming home so much sweeter.

  2. time for you and yours now...
    have a sweet, sweet christmas

  3. Are you a Sagittarius? Welcome home again.

  4. I could easily make it to Zeeland but New Zealand is to far away.
    Enjou being at home.

  5. oh and I am pleased to see your cat!! What a precious face! Beautiful photographs too....

  6. gardens tend to do that in the wet weather, i've not gone away but still my garden is a tad overgrown...k.

  7. I haven't been anywhere and my garden is overgrown too...especially with all the rain and humidity we've been having! I bet your cat is very happy to have you home >(*!*)< Does the astrology snippet mean you're a Sag? Me too :) mmm...sounds intriguing, wonder who the most amazing person is...

  8. enjoy that garden, overgrown means more potential, perhaps? happy sagittarians everywhere--

  9. Nice to be homex
    Hi India....I am trying to find a sewing circle in the london area, l wonder if anyone has comntacted you via your blog? If not l will try and start one up. have been doing a lot of dyeing and sewing and the dyeing happy!Hax happy Christmas.
    Lynda the images .

  10. Lynda the contacts are on this page

    one in North Yorkshire, t'other somewhere [but i don't know exactly] in the UK

    if you'd like to remind me of your email address I can add you to the page?