Wednesday, 1 December 2010

the first [of the month] and the last [day]

it does not make sense that it is all over so quickly
but it does make sense that the last retreat of the year
ends on a sweeping high

after making iceflower dye [thankyou Jo for the frozen fleurs]
and string [for the gift of which we gratefully acknowledged Nalda Searles]
we gathered up our bundles
...those pieces soaked yesterday afternoon and
simmered last night;
a long night with feasting [delicious vegetarian pizza from a small woodfired oven]
and much storytelling
and a little song...
we went back to the sea

rolled the bundles into the waves
undid the string
and marvelled as the seawater worked magic
deepening the colours of the dyes

the leaves that floated off into the waves
were mere shadows of their fresh selves
having left their mark and magic in the cloth
we are sure they will do no damage to the fish that silvered past us
there are other trees overhanging the shores
that drop fresh leaves into the sea
in far greater quantities


  1. What a lovely story. Rather like a fairy tale.

  2. it felt like a faery tale too - for a moment i thought some of them were going to turn into selkies and disappear into the distance!

  3. Have been swept away myself by all of these joy-filled posts from Aotearoa, and the photos...oh so otherworldly themselves. What a merry band of cloth magicians! Or should I say, cloth conjurers? THANK YOU for the travel time :>]

  4. took my breath away!
    (the word is zardse)

  5. Looks like you have had a wonderful time. what a beautiful place - and lots of dye pot magic. cheers.

  6. Last day of something beautiful is allways a little sad but this sounds like you'l never forget.

  7. Hi..what wonderful images and what a wonderful time you all seem to have had. One day l would love to do one of your courses. I have just had my best batch and l am so pleased with them Thank you for introducing me to natural dyeing..l asm hasbving an amazing time and learning more about nature every dayxxlynda

  8. i know that sad...
    go gently on re-entry! mine was a little turbulent this time.

  9. nits a delightful journey, one not quite over ever as other skin sisters around the world delight in your company both via the web and in person. looking forward to the next chapter dear girl. ;)

  10. not 'nits', but 'its' although it could be 'knits'. sigh. one should refrain from making comments when one is tired.

  11. Sounds wonderful .... and Rachelle makes me laugh.

  12. so pleased to have found your blog - such wonderful reading - thank you. i have just read your article in Felt and couldn't agree more. And i plan a windfall next around my surroundings from now on.

  13. Oh Indi@,

    I will have sweet dreams tonight thinking of these last two very beautiful posts.....dreaming of my skirts floating and swirling in the water, laughing and creating with like minded souls.

  14. your photos of this adventure are a glad I dropped by to see what you have been up to.

  15. In Holland we celebrate "Sinterklaas" : presents (although móstly for children ... sometimes for grown-ups too )I got a present yesterday: your book!
    What will follow is a lot of reading, studying, translating and .... at last deying!

  16. have enjoyed every word and photo of your trip to this beautifull place. It brought some lovely warmth into this cold dutch foggy wintertime..