Tuesday, 30 November 2010

and so we shall go down to the sea

today we sewed as though possessed
in order to make it to Cable Beach at noon
for low tide
those who were brave
wore their garments into the sea
as part of the pre-mordant process
picture 13 women
laughing their way into the wavelets
some let their cloth float free
while they frolicked in the water
then we each gathered a stone
a weight to sink the cloth in the dyepot
as much as
a memento to take home later
went back to the Lud Valley for lunch
and to gather around the cauldrons
a good bunch of skinsisters
i plan a return in 2012
loving the land of the long white cloud


  1. 13 brave, laughing woman......... the sea must have been singing. What a happening!

  2. such a fun day, love the beach....


  3. What a wonderful day at the sea. What a delightful way to mordant cloth. Can't get much better.

  4. Now that must have been quite a day. What fun.

  5. mermaidens bless...i looked at that first pic and thought it was a side profile close-up of a teaspoon with red ochre...oops a mountain!
    one mountain lump or two?? say hi to the ladies xx

  6. wonderful images....wonderful words...