Sunday, 1 August 2010

brilliant photo, but take the instructions with a hit of salt

found this at EasyGreenLiving
caught up in a google alert for eco dyes
it's a fabulous photograph
but if you follow the instructions for dyeing cloth
you might just find yourself boiling away the colour
and their suggestive for a 'fixative' made up of half a cup of salt to 8 cups of water
has me nearly fainting

on the other hand, they suggest that saffron
yields blue-green

i'm curious about that...


  1. I don't think I've ever seen raspberries that big before! :-D

  2. Hmmmm. Once I tried beautiful richly wine colored Tartan cherries. I followed a receipe much like the one given. I got a deep army green....boy was I was 1970...not a popular color.

  3. it is amazing how much information is on the internet. and how much of it is not true. i think it happens so quick, we forget that persistence is required to verify anything. here's to that!

  4. We picked 30 pounds of raspberries last weekend, and pick every night in our patch. I'm still waiting for the library to get a copy of your book from the Seattle library. Getting impatient...I want to try eco dyes on paper.

  5. lucky you, Leslie...but i'd be EATING the raspberries.
    and as to paper? oh yes, good stuff happens.

  6. My saffron will be flowering in a couple of months time. I'll try it and get back to you. It would be nice to have a use for the petals. They are so lovely, but just get thrown out once the saffron stigmae are harvested.

  7. that's probably it!! saffron stamens yield bright orange yellow but quite a few blue/purple flowers will give blue-green colours when heated

    and it simply didn't occur to me that they might actually be using the petals!

    thanks for the memory prompt, Susan.