Friday, 30 July 2010

those cloud-draped islands on the horizon again

oh yes!

i love going to New Zealand. i've met so many nice people there
and had wonderful times
and i love it when the cute guy at the airport says
'KaiOra, is it a welcome home?'

so i'm thrilled to bits to be booking tickets to that wonderful country again
a visit to Nelson in November this year
with some forest wandering after the communal cauldron cools

and a revisiting of Waiuku February 2 - 7 next year
we're calling the class  'return to fields'
which is followed by some time at Dairy Flat [10-14 February]

you don't know where that is either? it's north of Auckland
in what is [for me] as yet unexplored territory
we'll be working on feltquilts
and it will be a splendid time...

ps i haven't forgotten the other nice people who have invited me to teach in Aotearoa
it's just that i'm doing it a little bit at a time
[like eating an elephant. s l o w l y. but of course i wouldn't be nibbling on an elephant because they're far too nice and i'd rather eat vegetables and fishes]
pps that image above? is from a tea bag tag...


  1. :-)

    Teabag tag? Asking, "Are you sure you want to drink tea?" ?????

  2. yep, brand on one side, question on the other...

  3. wow,

    I wonder what potent herbs lie in the tea bag.

    such pressure over a cuppa.