Sunday, 25 April 2010

just quickly

needing a chip wrapper?
Home Beautiful [in Australia]
has a familiar story in their May 2010 edition

and now back to the grey walls
where i am seriously tempted
to add a little guerilla decoration...


  1. a little sunshine amidst the fluorescents...

  2. Nice! Sending some Arizona rose petals your way.


  3. Love to see you spreading the word.I look forward to buying a copy of Home Beautiful. Thinking of you and wishing you and yours well.
    Sending with a sprinkle of sweet smelling rose petals.

  4. Oh yes, do decorate those walls!

    And I wish I could read that familiar story. sigh.

  5. ooh!

    magazine fame is always good. So what is that gorgeous linen pinny in the shot??

    yum yum freakin yum.

  6. Congratulations... Only you would think of recycling when others would put it in a 'scrap book'

  7. actually that pinny is on its way to Canada
    i gave it to my friend Dorothy last week
    thanks for all your kind thoughts
    Ma seems to be getting better
    fingers crossed
    but not counting any chickens just yet

  8. it does seem as if hospitals would be the one place for art on the walls-- especially since studies have shown that art can be healing.. as to guerilla art-- the graffiti street artist Banksy would cover those walls pretty fast

  9. I'm going to look out for that lovely article Indi... I'm glad they are bringing some of your wonderful sensibility to their glossy pages!

  10. ahhhh...will scope this out when i next find a glossy mag shop....can't wait....
    blessings to you and your ma...much much love.

  11. I hope your mother can go back to her beautiful garden quickly.

    I keep my fingers crossed and sent lots of energy to you and your loveones

  12. and a very nice article it is too. Kept me happy on my last hop over from the island.

  13. Hey how nice your story and work are in a magazine!

  14. i like those house magazines. lol. another excuse to spend $10. love the photo indi. missing ur gentle presence and voice.

  15. Shall be sure to pick up a copy. Hope your family is on the mend. Sending some light your way.

  16. all good things
    come to those who wait
    and work hard
    and work slowly ....

    lovely article

  17. Guerilla sounds perfect.

    Over here by the way they asked Dutch felter Claudy Jongstra to make a wall covering for the hospital in Utrecht. It helps.
    wish you and your mother all the best.

  18. wish you lots of energy...

  19. Hey will look up the publication over on this side.... thanks for the heads up. -J

  20. nothing else is more important than family, special your ma! Hope she will be back soon in her flowergarden. Will send you some springtime-energy

  21. Moody hues .... I like that. Wish I could read the whole article.

  22. Hello India, I'm a member of the yahoo natural dyeing list which you've been a member of in the past. One of the moderators has just disallowed any talk of the environment/sustainability and the list is in flames. If you've still a membership AND you feel like it, it'd be really appreciated from many, I'm sure, if you gave your very well respected 2c. x

  23. glad i found yor blog!
    bought you book a while ago, thnxx for maing that!

    love the picture in this post
    happy day to you

  24. dear india, all my best wishes