Tuesday, 23 February 2010


regular readers will know that the Dog is preparing to embark on her next big adventure
but not just yet
Border Collies have extraordinary resilience
as well as great love and loyalty

this one is still insisting on coming for a trundle across the paddocks
albeit somewhat slower than ten years ago
and the line of travel is straighter
than the spirited casting about that used to clock up 80km [about 5o miles] a day

yesterday she even managed a swim
in what's left of the dam


  1. Ahh, my heart aches a little bit reading this. Bless them - bless them all - for being so truly ours.

  2. Ah this brings back happy memories. We had a lovely girl who was part of our family until she was fourteen. When we took her out with us she would herd is into a group the whole time we walked. She would even herd the goats in the paddock behind our property, through our wire fence, very clever indeed.

  3. Greetings India,

    These photographs remind me of an old Kodak camera I had back in 1966 which took 120 size film and the prints had the same colour rendition as these three have.

    I love the peacefulness of the area.

    Thank you for sharing,

  4. dear India.... i find myself holding my breath until ive finished reading your blog of late.... this post makes my heart ache along with Sweetpea. i dread to say this but i find comfort in the sharing of time with our four legged companions more readily than with the two legged earth wanderers more often than should be so. oh how I love my dog. enjoy these times with your kip, as she, of course will be enjoying her times with you. ill give my tilly an extra hard hug today xoxo

  5. Hi again India - I so agree with you about the resilence and loyalty of collies - my daughter has a border collie that looks the twin of above!

  6. we, the tribe of humans of border collies, are extra blessed. so glad kip is much out and about.

  7. You've got a lovely dog, India. I loved to read your story.
    And I want to thank you for the tip you gave me on my story about my dog running away. I think you must be right. Next time I'll run the other way, I'm sure she will think this great fun and run after me. Thanks!

  8. That dam has a heavenly color, that swim must have been heaven to her.

  9. I love border collies...their kind nature and quick wit are constant companions for my heart. I had Misha for almost 17 years and though she has been gone from earth...she is forever in my heart. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart