Thursday, 7 January 2010

still following that lucky star

i departed the land of Oz on a clear blue day
and landed in Britain on a less clear one

i was one of the lucky ones
after queuing for 9 hours to retrieve my bags
i was given a hotel room

with an icing-sugar dusted view
others missed out and slept at Heathrow

for some reason i cut lucky
the gods were smiling
delays sometimes lead to interesting opportunities
amusing conversations
and laughter
despite frustrations
and somebody wanted to buy my coat
[sorry, not for sale]

i found my digs at dusk
and went for a quick snowy walk

where i found old friends
Choisya ternata [foreground]
and a eucalyptus of some sort
[at the back]

now i'm back at Heathrow
and after another 4 hours queuing
am in the BA lounge
hopefully awaiting departure for Copenhagen

under the circumstances
a breakfast of Glenlivet may be excused...


  1. I am so glad you got both a bed abd snow. We are in the middle of yet another heat wave. Expected 41C for the next three days....
    Glad you kept your coat on.


  2. glenlivit. yes, i hope you did. what an ordeal. and talk about selling the clothes off your back. hold tight to them.....

  3. You'll need your coat for your next stop! I'm sure it is homemade and "of many colors" so watch your back and don't get thrown in any pits! Safe travel to you. Hope your ques are shorter.

  4. Safe travels, India. I hope that your "lucky star" will bring you back to the states again. The classes I wanted to take are full.If you can, please put me on some kind mailing list.

  5. nothing to do but to go with the flow-- or in this case-- the snow-- frustration mixed with beauty-- eventually we all get to our destination

  6. Oh India and Copenhagen will be much colder.
    I hope you packed some woolly socks!
    Warm hugs.

  7. Ah yes, my old friend Glen, always a fine elixir in a pinch - or not. Admittedly, have never imbibed for breakfast tho :>] Enjoy your *coated* journey!

  8. an epic journey. hope you get some rest before the opening.

  9. I think weather has become such a focus in the blogosphere of late, as if the two sides of the world are in competition.

    You've just negotiated your real, not virtual way across them both. Congratulations and make sure you keep your coat until you get back, then sell it perhaps.

  10. Glad you got a hotel room. It must be a great difference for you coming from summer time Australia, to ou winter.
    I was so sorry to read the comment on your book. I want to tell you that all the things the writer found negative with, are just the things I like about your book! I bought it a couple of weeks ago and I think its very inspiring and made with love. Wishing you a good stay in Denmark
    Sandra (the Netherlands)

  11. Welcom in sowy and cold Europe, India.
    Kom goed aan in Kopenhagen.


  12. Thanks for having a sit with us while sipping your glenlivit, yes? -J

  13. Hi India, It is such a pleasure to read your words, l don't want to sound wispy but there is magic here, your work and your words.
    It would be quite wonderful to take one of your courses l think.