Tuesday, 12 January 2010

in the land of ice and snow

just quickly
cos i'm checking my emails in a gallery space
in Jutland
that is a re-purposed cow shed
but has no nice warm cows to cuddle up with

hanging Planeta at the Mostings Hus in Copenhagen

the Carlsberg brewery pavement

the Danes know how to do colour

park residents

the Yeti, spotted on the coast of Jutland


  1. another adventure!?... and.. I can understand the jacket lust experienced.. it is a thing of beauty!
    Hope you had a fantastic christmas and new year! cheers!

  2. Glad you kept your coat! Nice touch with the practicak muslim headdress.
    So nice to see the slanting sunlight on the snow.
    Enjoy your time in the cow byre but keep your mittens on.

  3. I bet you're having fun with snowballs!

  4. Beautiful. Absolutely. Are these pieces wearable, or are they illusion-ary?
    The air looks to be ICEY! -J

  5. Love your blog, love your life, just dropping in and hope to do it more often. I miss it when I don't.

  6. Hi India, your hanging planeta reminds me of a friend who owns a cattle farm. I spent a winter there and helped her hang the cow's placenta on a line to dry, beautiful stuff, she made a sculpture from it, a boat.

  7. yeti contemplating the ocean.

  8. Oh how beautiful! So crisp and clear.

  9. you bring such smiles to my face...hope you are keeping warm, yeti dear :)

  10. hey snow at the beach, now thats odd!!! of course i now realise it happens (having one of those moments) but still one things sunshine and sand when we think of the beach, sea glass and stones. i don't think i'd idle on that beach. ah, the coat, the magnificent coat. i remember when i first saw the coat, as it descended the staircase at a certain little hotel on cuba street. it seemed as at home here as it does there. loving ur posts. ur exhibition looks delicious.

  11. I like the print on the far left India. It reminds me of a giraffe print.

  12. Sorry
    she says gushingly
    but I just love
    everything you do...

  13. I always find a place to rest my heart when I visit your beautiful blog...the yeti does look dressed warmly for the weather. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  14. thank you everyone for your kind thoughts. much appreciated when far from home
    am loving the cold as [i think i may have mentioned before] i don't have a single heat-seeking gene in my body]
    and it gives me an opportunity to road test wool!
    just for the record
    toes remain snuggly warm simply encased in a pair of trusty Australian wool "explorer socks" covered by a pair of equally trusty and very sturdy American-made leather boots. handy for riding horses, strolling down the high street or tramping happily through the snow
    i keep them waterproofed with those nice little tubes of handcream that airlines supply when one is lucky enough to be upgraded!