Saturday, 2 January 2010

sometimes i just wanna dance

and then dance some more

i'm dancing in the kitchen because this year we won.

we picked the plums before the rosellas ate them [or rather, took single bites before hurling the plums to the ground in disgust]
and in our short summer night [nowhere near as bright as the White Nights of the North] we stirred a cauldron full of bubbling red deliciousness

so now we have twenty jars of gloopy satsuma jam. it's gloopy because that's exactly the right consistency for eating with winter porridge

The Dog thinks we're silly. she prefers to eat her plums warm from the sun
and properly ripened [don't worry, we've set some aside for her]

dye notes
those of my students who wander past these pages might wonder about dyeing with plums...
they oxidise to brown if left exposed to air
the colour changes as they're heated
and they react quite strongly to hidden things dissolved in water
the trick is to use the parts that aren't affected by air [avoid the flesh]
and be careful with heat


  1. Always a good feeling to get to the fruit before the wildlife, whatever the crop.
    Plum gloop sounds delicious, enjoy.

  2. The colour of "bubbling red deliciousness" ...... is teasing my imagination. I have wonderful childhood memories of strolling through plum tree orchards tasting plums warm from the sun.

  3. If i ever get my hands on sunripened plums i'll eat them. Nice thought with 30 cm of snow around me.

  4. you evoke midsummer right here in the snow. i swear i smell those plums!

  5. I'm with Dog...fresh satsumas, sun-ripened, mmmmmm! Sigh...we lost all our apricots to fruit fly for the 2nd year, the-other-half is threatening to use serious chemicals next year, unless we can find something that will actually work...haven't had much luck with organic compounds. And the cockatoos have cleaned up the almonds...glad someone's enjoying the fruits of our labour, just wish it was us!

  6. oh those plums - I have been eyeing them off on various trees all around town as they are ripening and wondering what colours I could get - now I know - thanks India and good luck for your next set of wanderings and adventures


    Jo xx

  7. I love dancing, WHITE NIGHTS movie, ballet, plums, satsumas, warm colors, dyed cloth..
    happy new year!

  8. u can get it also here -