Friday, 1 January 2010

work for idle hands

while most folks are having a bit of a rest i'm enjoying being at home for a change
which means spending time with my family
and also
making a few things for Planet
the design store in Sydney that stocks my work

this year i seem to have been on the road teaching for much of my time
it's satisfying work
and keeps body and soul together
but sometimes it seems as though everyone else is having all the fun of making

so between Saturnalia and the Gregorian New Year
i hemmed, stitched and dyed cloth [yes there's a difference between hemming and stitching...the former requires a bit of discipline, the latter is more akin to drawing and play]

this nice piece of vintage wool crepe is much more useful hemmed and dyed than stored at the bottom of a box

this piece of milkymerino now looks as though a leopard might have taken a snooze on it

and the smaller piece [centre of photo] is wool "nun's cloth" available from Beautiful Silks. i highly recommend it as it just loves plant dyes of all sorts

bright sunlight isn't recommended for textile photography
but it's either that
here in Oz

Kip is never far away and from time to time tells me to "put the needle down, please" as she needs a pat.

in the event that any of these pieces interest you, they should arrive at Planet in about 5 days from now and if you like you can email them via their contact page to make an enquiry

have a splendid and peaceful New Year, with satisfying work as well as quiet moments
weeds as well as flowers
good books, kind friends and pleasant walks
enough to eat and a warm bed at night


  1. Oh, that natural dyeing, there is something so different about it, very lovely.

    Almost as lovely as Kip :>}

  2. Just think of all tha activity going on just down the road!

  3. buuudiful....colour , pattern , Kip , wishes

  4. such beautiful cloth...yes, waiting for an overcast day to photograph in the Oz summer is really not practical! your photos are stunning as always, shadows artful, I think :)

    a virtual pat for your kip from me.

    Happy New Year!

  5. Breathtaking stuff! Even the iron in the back looks wonderful. Happy New Year to you, too!

  6. lots and lots of lovely leaves caressing your soul with soft whispers of gracefulness,
    smells of discovering and touches in the here and now.

  7. Let there be many happy days in this new year for you India.

  8. the cloths are amazing. such colors! and the patterning is perfect. give kip a cuddle for me.

  9. Lovely. I am thirsty for color. These are superb. Happy New Year!

  10. It must have been a warm color kind of day....all good things to you in 2010!- J

  11. The colors and shapes are always divine. I do wish I could hold a piece of your cloth. Wishing you a Fresh New Year India.

  12. My dog Ezri comes and puts her head under my arm when I'm working and butts my arm to say I'm here, what about me! Lovely fabrics India!!