Monday, 26 January 2009

mapping country at kapiti

we began mapping country today under benevolent skies, taking mindful walks with concertina-folded pages, collecting marks at trig points determined variously by birdsong, distant dogbarks, the triumphant crowing of the pompous rooster next door or just the song that was playing in brainspace at the time.

each participant had their own system for wandering and stopping - all wandered in the same area, but each sheet of collected marks turned out quite differently...

and today for the first time ever we had a boy in our midst! not only the first male student but also the youngest ever...


  1. And all of this doesn't seem to upset little knuckles at all.

  2. Knuckles is a joy and a delight. occasionally he makes a little cat noise. often he smiles and looks keenly about....mostly he sleeps the sleep of the just

  3. He looks like a little sweetheart. Hope you are having a great time India, think of us here in your neck of the woods 41 degrees tomorrow.
    Peta in Nairne

  4. Knuckles decidedly has star rating! He seems to be soaking up the general ambiace wery well.
    Just be grateful you are not at home this week with our heat wave!

  5. You never cease to "blow my mind". Go girl!

  6. Lovely blog so good to have found you in my rambles! (well a rambling rose was bound to find a wandered sooner or later!!) will follow your wanders with interest