Saturday, 9 August 2008

off left field

on Thursday morning i was up before dawn, drove to town and caught a plane to the Big Smoke (Sydney)

in hidden corners i discovered beautiful old brickwork (English Garden wall bond, I believe...)

then i spotted a famous coathanger (and did silly things to it in Photoshop)

standing underneath i made a portrait of my shadow-friend...

who very nearly fell into the water, but luckily i stepped away from the edge in time, so she was able to catch herself

in time to see these lovely freesias adorning a post

later there was a huge rainstorm...and much, much later i was back on the farm, business completed (in between box brownie snaps).

modern broomsticks beat the hell out of the old ones, on which it was tricksy to carry parcels and which didn't have on-board refreshments...


  1. Thank you India for visiting and your comment. Yes, honey is a great healer, also lovely for a sweet tooth. The thing is it is a bit sticky to use it on the face! It is getting harder to get raw honey the most natural thing; I wonder why? I have a couple of native bee hives in my garden. I love the tiny Trigona carbonaria. One hive of the "normal"bees" just for interest. Bees all over the world are in big trouble. It is a big hush up like with every thing else that is destroyed by greed and carlessness.) The work you do with the natural colours is so subtle and beautiful. I also love your photographic work and comments. Great blog I have to bookmark. Take care.

  2. India, thank you for commenting on my blog. Pollution affects everyone sadly.

    Your own photographs are lovely, showing aptly to the reader the viewpoint you intend. The comments fit in nicely too. The book by Viggo is going on my list for the next trip to the bookstore.

  3. welcome Titania and Barbara...
    i agree, the bee situation is critical (i'm lucky and can still buy my honey from a local beekeeper, 20kg at a time, yummy). it doesn't help that people mail queen bees around the world either!
    Barbara I think Viggo's book is only available direct from Perceval Press (click on the picture to go to their website)...or from the Photographic Museum in Reykjavik!

  4. wow-i will be going to sydney-in a few weeks your photos are great-singing and skipping jo.....

  5. Just discovered your wonderful blog with its amazingly eclectic images.
    I'm really enjoying digging into it.

  6. Hello India, thanks for visiting my blog and book marking it for future "grazing". I'm going to reciprocate because your blog opens up the part of the world you live in -(blogging has made arm chair travel so much more exciting and personal) its beautiful and your work too.

  7. adore brickwork as is really amazing when one looks into all the designs and textures of your effects on your photos...lovely work..cheers for now

  8. India -- love, love, love your blog. The pictures are wonderful and inspiring, especially glimpses of where you live. I love your stories and photos of the little trips you have taken. There's nothing like a exploring new places to get the creative juices going. I look forward to keeping up with your work and your journeys. And your books are hopefully winging their way to So.Cal. as I post this. All my best to you!

  9. thanks everyone, for your visits and kind words...