Tuesday, 5 February 2008

leaf and twig

i wandered into the garden this morning to find a tiny weaver, hard at work making a (far from tangled) web. in fact the Albertine rose was full of these little chaps, all being most industrious (as well as decorative). so very simple and yet so beautiful...and for the pedantic, no the roses pictured at right are not Albertine, but a tangle of Sutter's Gold and Monsieur Tillier growing together.

later was busily dyeing stuff...the top two images are rose-leaf ecoprints on delicious silk velvet, work in progress for Leigh Warren & Dancers 'seven'.
the lower pic shows eucalyptus ecoprints (gathered on a quick walk around the farm) on a hempsilk mix. this one is for the Hemp Gallery to use at in their display at Designex in April.


  1. thank you for kind comments, fellow poet!

  2. Hi Miss India
    I commented here yesterday how wonderful it was to see the sun shining,and your beautiful garden. It was cold and lousy weather and I was so lethargic, I spent the day in my pj's in bed with my boys watching films. Waitangi Day here and also Bob Marley's birthday I think.