Thursday, 7 February 2008

hubble bubble

toil and burn and cauldron bubble. today i dealt with a costume challenge by soaking seven cotton hoodies in ashwater, followed by milkwater...then a few repeats and finally immersion in the cauldron in layers of onion skins and found metals. more heating for an hour or so, then the flame extinguished, now they're happily festering away by themselves. they'll be left to their own devices for a few days (likely until Sunday night) for maximum colour uptake.

the furred one is Martha, a very small familiar about the size of a well-nourished grey squirrel...popularly held to resemble a catfishweaselbear. this is a very rare breed, skilled at companion sitting as well as at hurling one's entire earring collection to the floor.

the pot is large enough to cook three babies at once, provided they keep their heads down. pure hypothesis, mind you, as they are quite difficult to fold neatly for shibori-zome purposes.


  1. ok. so i am not ever leaving my children alone with you. would come back and find them boiling in a pot with string tied around them. they colourful enough as it is. Please post a photo of your results. mmmm.... yummy tie die clothes.

  2. my three have survived and flourished thus far, despite a house filled with eucalyptus fumes, assorted potions and piles of 'potentially useful material'. maybe it's evidence that miracles can happen, or simply proof positive they can run faster than i can.