Sunday, 23 December 2018

dear Martine

dear Martine

sorry for the slow reply ... I have tried several times to reply to your kind comment on the previous post, and Blogger simply would not publish. My fingers were crossed that it would work today, because it's nice to be able to engage in conversation, I think. But Blogger refused.

What I wanted to say was that I'm glad you're still here, and that I love "bumping into you" in Europe from time to time!

And I'm so grateful for your support of my work :: it must be about ten years that we have had a connection of some kind ?

That's what I have come to realise about my work...Yes, it's about sharing the printing of leaves on to cloth and paper, and writing poetry and listening to the whirled but it's much more than that. It's about creating community.
And what is really going on, when we gather around a cauldron and make bundles, or sit around a big table and stitch; is that we are (like in old times) gathering around a village well.
There is talk, there is caring for each other. It's not just what I teach but what each person shares, too.

Which brings me to my big news.
I have so enjoyed creating classes for my online school that I have decided to create an annual version of one of my favourite workshops, 'being(t)here', that I have taught all around the whirled but which has been a little different in each version, depending on the place and the time of year, and on what I have been thinking about deeply.

The first online edition will run from March to December 2019, with eleven instalments each delivered on a new moon. It's a huge project and I'm slightly terrified and utterly elated at the same time. But that is what makes life exciting and worth living. It's splendid to have things that are really worth getting out of bed for (in addition to my delightful granddaughter and my loyal hound).

On that note, I wish you a lovely and peaceful Christmas (or any other gentle festivity you might indulge in) and Joy and happiness for the New Year.

lots of love


PS if your name isn't Martine and you've read this far I still wish you happiness and health and all good things for the coming year, and thank you for reading my words.

PPS Blogger has now decided it won't publish my comments on other blogs, either. Which is kinda sad, because there are a number that I do read, and it's good to leave a calling card. Guess Blogger has decided to place limits on my screen time. Good thing they aren't hosting my online classes!!!


  1. Dear India,
    how lovely to read your words on this dark sundayafternoon. Makes it less dark.
    I too love bumping into you somewhere in Europe. Loved your workshops in Switzerland and "het Ijzerpaleis" but you know what? It was your first book Eco Colour that really changed my life. It made me look with new eyes at nature. It opened complete new possibilities for my felting and clothmaking. And i always wonder if you stop at some point but you dont, you keep on and amaze me. Now you seem to be a wonderful filmmaker wich is the reason i'll being(t)here'.
    I wish you a wonderful and peaceful Christmas too. It will be joyful with the little one.
    Sorry for evt. flaws, you know my English is poor.
    Ja das Leben ist wunderbar, lasst es uns geniessen............

    Lots of love

    1. Oh and ofcourse your wonderful show in the Textiel museum in my own country.....

  2. India,
    My name is not Martine, but for a lovely few minutes, I felt that it might be and you were writing to and for me. I have ventured into this community you are building, and while sometimes I feel that I am watching from the fringes, I am beginning to feel more at home here as I learn more and more through your wonderful offerings, be they visual, written or voiced in word and music. I so appreciate your generosity of knowledge and spirit. So, while I am not Martine, for a moment there, I imagined I was and I loved it!

  3. Thank you so much for your kind words, Kathy

  4. Your book eco colour, your found, stitched and dye circle, your magic cauldron people and Jude Hill’s art ( her way of spirit cloth is always visible) broadend my vision. When a door close another opens. I broke my back and had to change making my kind of art. Big big comfort feltcloth to use for burrying people ( the first one for my late husband who choose his own colours and who died just when I finished). It is too long what I write down here but one thing that is so important for me is the likeminded, the loyal sharing friends ( Martine) and more. India thanks and thanks again for making an online course for us not being able to meet you “ life “ de mazzel