Thursday, 2 August 2018

home for a bit

it's lovely, being home for a bit, curling up with my lovely Kubbi-dog and having some contemplation time.

the School of Nomad Arts is quietly blossoming, I have three solo exhibitions lined up for next year and just four workshops left to teach this year (all of which need serious class projects, fresh poems to read, materials to source).

Next year's dance card is already full, too.  Plenty of time to sleep in the grave.

If you happen to be in Sydney this month, find my work in 'Local Colour' at the UNSW Galleries in Paddington.

If you are wandering further afield, perhaps to France, you'll find my work in a new iteration of 'Earth Matters' for the Biennale du Textile Contemporain in Oloron-Sainte-Marie


  1. looking forward to seeing Local Colour here in the Big Smoke!

  2. I saw your artwork at UNSW and it was so inspiring I have decided to do a lot more research into eco-printing and other similar mediums. I am so glad to have wondered upon such a creative and unique form of art which not only is environmentally friendly but also captures the organic form of plants within the natural environment in such lovely detail .
    I really enjoy the ochre colours and natural textures that are presented in you work. In fact for my HSC major I have chosen you as my main artist of inspiration and will begin experimentation shortly of such incredible mediums (making my own dyes etc.)

    I think what you do is inspiring and incredibly admirable and I wish you the best on your journey!

    Kind regards, Angela.