Wednesday, 1 February 2017

group theory

we are on beautiful Maui
a sacred island where time slows down and turtles wander up the beach
where the days seem to drift gently but the week
has rushed by

we have written poetry
made drawings, stitched, dyed
made things new to us that appear to have taken up some ancient island essence
gathered shells and made string

there are thirteen of us + me
which makes fourteen (+ our fearless leader, Sharon)
so fifteen in total

nine are recidivists, four are new to me
there are three sets of friends (in two of them, one of each has met me before)
and a mother and daughter (there were nearly two family groups, but my Ma didn't make it)
there are five Australians, ten Americans
two dual nationals (one American Australian, one Latvian Australian), and two Australians who emigrated to America
among the returners, three came to New Mexico , one to Whidbey Island
one to Inverness, one to Santa Barbara, one to Odessa and two to a class in Australia

my mathematical genius (and conscientious objector) grandfather would have had great joy in devising a Venn diagram.

I began to try and draw one, but it turned into a paeonie.

the marvellous thing is that this group melded remarkably quickly into sisterhood.
the talk is easy, the laughter flows close to the surface :: I feel deeply blessed that the work I do brings me together with people whom I hope I see again

I am also hoping to return to Maui, but who knows where or how the winds will blow, the way our precious whirled is going...


  1. What a great picture of you!!!! It says so much about who you are. I love it!

    1. Thank you...I do too. (I think that is how I would like my children to remember me. )

  2. I have followed you a good while, I hope that I don't pass from here before I have a chance to make it to one of your classes. How lovely that you are in such a dreamy wonderful place to connect with like minded souls. :)

    1. Feeling deeply honoured that such wonderful women have gathered here with me...and somewhat humbled by the effort they have made to do so. It has been an extraordinary experience.

  3. beautiful photos, again my friend. this sounds lovely, and may the time in maui be good, very good for you. i'm winging my way to AU in a month plus a bit. almost afraid to go to an airport, but i'm flying through CA instead.

    1. Think of the last words spoken by the Polish Pope when he passed
      "Be not afraid"

  4. Ahhh... that sounds like a good place from which to view the sorry state of things in the wider world... travel safely when that part comes.

    1. It has been a good place to be...with the seven sisters directly above, and so many good women present under that sky. Feeling grateful for so many things , and holding fast to them in the face of what is to come.

  5. Oh I love that photo of you on the beach! <3 Beautiful article and work :)

  6. There is an awful lot of power in this kind of 'group theory' working together ..... not to ever be underestimated!

    1. Absolutely. It's quiet , and true, and strong.

  7. Ah India, what a beautiful photo indeed - it captures you as others see you (or how I see you, at any rate). I too look forward to be a repeater, in New Mexico in October, and who knows, maybe Maui another year. It's hard to resist being in a group of yours - and New Zealand is now only weeks away!! Safe journeys - and lots of adventure . See you soon x