Thursday, 16 June 2016

being put in my place

I had a hilarious experience this morning...
Accosted by a man with a puppymill designer dog. 
The sort of person who is the reason there's a warning on the curling wand...for external use only. 

He angrily demanded to know what I was doing...just after I had deposited a small handful of boiled plant matter under a bush, in the obviously misguided belief that organic matter is nutritious and helps prevent evaporation. 

He insisted I pick it up, as he doesn't approve of such stuff and prefers the pine bark chips. It appears he is the self-constituted warden of the Greenwich steps...
I swallowed any possible acrid response, smiled sweetly, picked up the offending matter and wished him a pleasant day. (Though it was very tempting to tell him that the phenols in the pine bark actively inhibit plant growth.) 

I understand that it could be overwhelming if every person in the city tucked all their green waste into public gardens...but these were leaves that had literally been gathered from the surrounding streets. 
Who knows what corners they may have blown into if I hadn't picked them up. 

I moved on, whereupon he followed me around the district at twenty paces, watching as I cleaned the sidewalks of more leaf litter. I did an extra round just to give him a bit more exercise. 

Clearly he needed the endorphins.


  1. hahaha - I would have told him sweetly to booger off

  2. interaction with the locals... well done you...

  3. Congratulations on this exercise of self restraint in the face of misunderstanding!

    1. Thank you. It's quite hard for a bear to restrain from trying to educate the whirled!

  4. C'est très drôle et vous avez eu la bonne réaction.
    Un petit bonjour de France (Paris)