Wednesday, 2 March 2016

blooming at the Poet's Ode

it's been such fun this week
preparing for my first Australian pop up
at the Poet's Ode this coming weekend
each piece is 'one of a kind'
Alia (the one who creates the magic that is the Poet's Ode)
let me play in the front window.
when i grow up,
i would like a studio with a window like that
in which i could construct installations
and then watch the whirled go by
while i work behind
(although i would still need to keep a studio out on the paddocks
where i can potter about in blissful solitude)
making another delivery yesterday i met a client
who usually lives in San Francisco and
who had purchased the dress i showed in an exhibition
held in South Australia two years ago.
it was a bit of a thrill to serendipitously meet!
and now i think i might like to become a window dresser
especially if i am allowed to write poems on the glass
with a finger dipped in clay

i'll be present at Poet's Ode all day Saturday March 5
and teaching a class in their inner sanctum on March 6

i hope some of you will swing by?


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  2. Swing by....I wish! Melb ~ Adelaide, too far. I wish you had a pop up shop in every city...beautiful work & words as always. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. such wounderful colour and cloth wish you all the best , as Jenny said the distance !!!! to swing by

  4. ...if only...Love everything you did as shown in the pictures! Did my very best to read the poem but some words keep playing hide and seek...Suppose there is a beauty in not (exactly) knowing :)

  5. All best wishes for an utterly SPLENDID weekend all 'round !!

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