Thursday, 10 December 2015

end of year report

back in the dark ages this was the time of year at which the dreaded school report was handed out

"would do better on the sports field if she spent less time daydreaming and more time paying attention"
"untidy exercise books with too much doodling inside and out"
were the sorts of comments i came home with back then
i wanted to share these two installments about a recent class with you
before i do
shall confess that the author is a friend of mine
(as well as being as amazing knitter of socks and a splendid maker of lemon delicious puddings and also marmalade)

just so you know

i do love staying at Crockett Cottage Studio (where the workshop described above was held)
and so does Kubbi
we won't be there next year but with a bit of luck may be back in 2017 or 18
it really depends on what the Dogs Above toss at us

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