Thursday, 1 October 2015

last call

it's been a long journey
i left home in winter
arrived in Scotland in summer
(this year it was on Wednesday)

i followed a hypericum trail to Austria
played a saxophone in Germany
spent a week or so in France
flew to New York via Iceland
(mentally making plans to spend time there too)
and then stayed a while in my beloved New Orleans
teaching and also establishing a project in collaboration with the Press Street Gardens
that will have me returning many times in the next three years
and will culminate in an exhibition in March 2018.
i may also have acquired some more ink.
the trail led on to Vancouver
where i worked with Maiwa, always a joy
(i'm returning there next year as well)
 then i hopped on a train and then into a jeep and then on a ferry (still in the jeep) and was transported to Lopez Island. a place that (despite a huge hole created by the passing of an unforgettable friend) always warms my heart

after Lopez i went to Portland
too briefly (wish i had had the time to reach out to my other friends there...hoping i will be forgiven for the flying visit and planning to return next year to catch up with the folks i missed) where i was able to dress my friend Sidnee Snell in a few bits of cloth and coax her in front of a camera (something she does VERY well)

now i am in San Francisco
(another place dear to my heart)
tomorrow i begin the long flight home
back into spring

so i'm having a healthy supper with all the vitamins
(a glass of bubble and a Reese's peanut butter thingammy or two)
and writing my new bucket list
 it seems a good thing to do

there are a lot of things on it
that will take up a lot of time + space on the calendar

it seems only fair to advise those of you who have been wanting to take a class in Australia that other than a workshop pencilled for TAFE Brisbane in November next year (that may, or may not, actually happen) there will be no multiple day workshops offered by me in Australia next year.

the last chance to join me for four days is this year in Mansfield in November
either making bloomers and underduds (November 9 - 12)
working on the project of your choice (November 14 - 17)

i'll be cooking yummy food, providing lovely South Australian wine and bringing lots of supplies from my studio; cost of either class $870 

if you're at all interested please drop me a line via 
mail (at) indiaflint (dot) com

it's truly the last chance for a while.
a long while.


  1. dear India , you had a very long travel and i am happy you now are on you way home to your loved Australia , family and animal Kubbi dear one who will be very delighted when hearing your voice again , safe travel - for you and your daughter violet the danish michelin restaurant Norma will move to AUS in january for a longer time check there web. if you are interested

  2. Good grief, you DO get around girl. What a life to lead all over the world. I imagine it gets tiring after awhile. But what an education along the way for you and your students who probably do some traveling to meet you where ever you land. Safe travels home again and have a good rest.

    1. Actually not tired at all, just need to go home for some more clothes as I seem to have given most of them away :-)

  3. Just come to say hi to a very busy lady.......