Sunday, 23 August 2015

music to my ears

two trees entwined

moss hat

sweet meadow

one of the 490 varieties of hypericum

beautiful Austria


on the way from Scotland to France i spent almost exactly 90 hours immersed in my first language and emerged somewhat astonished at how very much being surrounded by the sounds of my childhood/adolescence/family life affected me (in a good way).

don't get me wrong. i was born in Australia and love it dearly but when push comes to shove there is no denying that all of my DNA (including the dash of Kazakh that gave me my brown skin) is northern in origin.

so when the steward on the Lufthansa flight to Paris asked me whether i was German or American (darf ich fragen, sind Sie Deutsche oder Amerikanerin) it was with a wee chuckle that i replied "weder, noch" (neither)

i rather like being a citizen of the whirled and being able to meld into various cultures as required (even if only as a walking replica of the local compost heap). whether my rusty French will allow me to do so for the next week or so is a matter for speculation.

guess i'll report in due course.


  1. india enjoy it all it will take long time before you enter europe again, you are lucky too to have all theese experience , german and french i learned both in school , have nearly forgot it all ups , the place you stay now seems so lovely, very soon you will be back to your loved AUS

  2. Although your DNA may point otherwise, I still say you're most definitely part American ... or at least you've got that melding thing down to an exact science ;>)

    {{{ giggling over that compost heap reference }}}

  3. Compost heap..........i love your sense of humor!
    Enjoy la douce France.......

  4. Bienvenue en France et je t'embrasse.

  5. ah, a whirled citizen is the sort to be. being deeply "at home" is a gift. i wonder what it is like to have more than english whirling about in your brain. your family gave you an extra gift that.

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  7. Say hello to Katie and Carol and Susie for me.