Friday, 8 May 2015

wrap up (some more) for winter


we had a glorious day at Poet's Ode last Sunday
wrapping and dyeing beautifully soft pure wool shawls
in a cauldron heated over a lovely twig-fired heater
made especially for me by my blacksmith son

the sky was blue, the lunch delicious
we drank tea, told stories
played and worked in the back garden
(an oasis of quiet hidden from the hubbub of Hahndorf)
laying our shawls out on the grass
and happily strewing leaves 

we composed a little spontaneous poetry
while waiting for the bundles to cool

it was such a lovely time that we're offering a repeat
(i'm not in South Australia much after all)

the weather might not be so kind on June 6
but we can cosy up in our lovely workroom
make a fire in that lovely hearth
and wrap up in our wool shawls
because wool is warm even when wet

Sam and Yoda won't be getting off the home sofa though
they're much too comfortable


  1. What? No finished project images...such a tease! Its all in the process...Laura

    1. i completely forgot to take pictures of the big unbundle...was simply jittering about with excitement. mea culpa.

  2. Sounds just delightful... I'd settle for a snuggle with those cats right now! And the twig fired cauldron sounds perfect. I have heard about rocket stoves and they sound perfect... maybe I'll have to check in with Dad when he gets back from 5 months of wandering and see if he fancies a project, now I am considering it!

    1. the one Mundi made for me is very sturdy [from an old gas cylinder] but here are instructions for a can version [i'm planning to make something similarly lightweight to take on the New Mexico adventure next year]

  3. Love to join in but the shoulder would not be up to it yet I am afraid

  4. Sounds delightful India. One day I'll make it over your way...

  5. what lovely India , maybee one workshop for 2016? just a thought !!! have not seen this before now , have been in Italy for 10 days

  6. wounderful new idear for 2016 ? i have first sen this now have been away in Italy for feltrosa making slippers for winter and a lot of other activity